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2013 Statement of Debt Service
Annual GAD Accomplishment Report FY 2013
2013 Statement of Receipts and Expenditures
4th Quarter 2013, Statement of Cash Flow
4th Quarter 2013, Special Education Fund Utilization
4th Quarter 2013, Trust Fund Utilization
4th Quarter 2013, Bids Results on Civil Works and Goods and Services
4th Quarter 2013, 20% Component of the IRA Utilization
4th Quarter 2013, Local LDRRMF Fund Utilization
4th Quarter 2013, Unliquidated Cash Advances
4th Quarter 2013, Manpower Complement
4th Quarter 2013, Supplemental Procurement Plan
2014 Statement of Debt Service
1st quarter 2014, Statement of Receipts and Expenditures
1st quarter 2014, Statement of Cash Flow
1st quarter 2014, Special Education Fund Utilization
1st quarter 2014, Trust Fund Utilization
1st quarter 2014, Bids Results on Civic Works and Goods and Services
1st quarter 2014, 20% Component of IRA Utilization
1st quarter 2014, Local DRRM Fund Utilization
1st quarter 2014, Unliquidated Cash Advances
1st quarter 2014, Manpower Complement
1st quarter 2014, Supplemental Procurement Plan
2nd quarter 2014, Statement of Cash Flow
2nd quarter 2014, Special Education Fund Ultilization
2nd quarter 2014, Trust Fund Utilization
2nd quarter 2014, Bids Results on Civil Works and Goods and Services
2nd quarter 2014, 20% Component of IRA Utilization
2nd quarter 2014, Local LDRRM Fund Utilization
2nd quarter 2014, Unliquidated Cash Advances
2nd quarter 2014, Manpower Complement
2nd quarter 2014, Supplemental Procurement Plan
3rd quarter 2014, Statement of Cash Flows
3rd quarter 2014, SEF Utilization
3rd quarter 2014, Trust Fund Utilization
3rd quarter 2014, Bids Results on Civil Works and Goods and Services
3rd quarter 2014, 20% Component of IRA Utilization
3rd quarter 2014, Local LDRRM Fund Utilization
3rd quarter 2014, Unliquidated Cash Advances
3rd quarter 2014, Manpower Complement
3rd quarter 2014, Supplemental Procurement Plan
4th quarter 20%-Component of the IRA Utilization
4th quarter 2014-Bids Results on Civil Works and Goods and Services
4th quarter 2014-Unliquidated Cash Advances
4th quarter 2014-Manpower Complement
4th quarter 2014-Statement of Cash Flows
4th quarter 2014-Trust Fund Utilization
4th quarter 2014-Special Education Fund
4th quarter 2014-Local LDRRM Fund Utilization
4th quarter 2014-Supplemental Procurement Plan
2015 annual Budget Report
2015 Annual Procurement Plan
2014 Annual Gender and Development Plan (GAD)
2015 Statement of Debt Services
2014 Statement of Receipts and Expenditures
1st quarter 2015, 20% Component of IRA Utilization
1st quarter 2015, Unliquidated Cash Advances
1st quarter 2015, Manpower Complement
1st quarter 2015, Trust Fund Utilization
1st quarter 2015, Bids Results on Civil Works and Goods and Services
1st quarter 2015, Statement of Cash Flow
1st quarter 2015, Special Education Fund Utilization
1st quarter 2015, LDRRMF Fund Utilization
1st quarter 2015, Supplemental Procurement Plan

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Bidding Result (February, 2013)
Abstract of bids as Calculated (February 8, 2013)
Abstract of bids as Calculated (February 8, 2013)
Bidding Result (February, 2013)
Bidding Result (August 8, 2013
Abstract of Bids as Calculated (August 8, 2013)
Bidding Result (August 28, 2013)
Abstract of Bids as Calculated (August 28, 2013)
Bidding Result - December 2013
Abstract of bids as Calculated - December 2013
Bidding Result for 2nd quarter of 2014 (Improvement of Drainage System)
Bidding Result for 2nd quarter of 2014 (Extension of Multi-purpose Gymnasium)
Abstract of Bids as Calculated for 2nd quarter of 2014 (Improvement of Drainage System)
Bidding Result - Construction of Children`s Play Shed (July 2014)
Abstract of Bids as Calculated (Construction of Children's Play Shed-July 2014)
Bidding Result-Improvement of Villaverde Public Market (October 20, 2014)
Bidding Result-Improvement or Expansion of Municipal Health Station or RHU
Bidding Result-Construction or Expansion of Barangay Health Station Phase II
Abstract of Bids as Calculated and REad-January 9, 2015
Bidding Result (Rehabilitation of Umoc Swip)
Bidding Result (Improvement of Drainage system Phase II) - April 17, 2015)
Bidding Result (construction of Composting Facility) - April 17, 2015)
Bidding Result (construction of Composting Facility) - April 17, 2015)
Abstract of Bids as Calculated and Read (Improvement of Drainage System Phase II - April 17, 2015)
Abstract of Bids as Calculated and Read (Improvement of Drainage System Phase II - April 17, 2015)
Abstract of Bids as Calculated and Read (Construction of Composting Facility - April 17, 2015)

Comparative Statement of Collection

2012 2013 2014
JANUARY 535,747.00 482,300.16 38,141.87
FEBRUARY 341,872.16 322,279.54 38,752.86
MARCH 747,209.50 851,056.98 46,480.18
APRIL 107,811.46 179,958.22 103,056.00
MAY 128,366.03 83,274.28 47,637.54
JUNE 84,375.83 193,082.82 181,926.30
JULY 474,875.18 26,432.76 32,028.82
AUGUST 58,026.88 22,231.66 88,250.76
SEPTEMBER 113,269.50 101,815.70 102,698.78
OCTOBER 78,006.33 21,303.56 704,687.60
NOVEMBER 322,369.56 14,235.46 347,523.18
DECEMBER 132,302.64 60,589.92 556,225.56
TOTAL 3,124,232.07 2,358,561.06 2,287,409.00


2012 2013 2014
JANUARY 247,983.16 347,023.40 61,570.18
FEBRUARY 71,129.40 59,447.00 9,643.30
MARCH 20,339.25 45,168.88 32,101.54
APRIL 77,978.51 41,998.24 28,335.14
MAY 52,714.55 27,556.92 32,017.59
JUNE 43,997.60 13,805.86 71,535.15
JULY 37,060.52 71,937.10 22,354.60
AUGUST 32,177.80 11,373.48 67,708.44
SEPTEMBER 10,209.50 8,748.74 31,725.43
OCTOBER 55,217.10 26,746.25 31,743.25
NOVEMBER 7,927.71 12,333.46 68,586.35
DECEMBER 53,251.50 19,993.37 348,032.69
TOTAL 709,986.60 686,133.34 805,353.70


  2012 2013 2014
JANUARY 205,441.40 327,615.45 37327.00
FEBRUARY 98,173.00 74,985.00 46,348.02
MARCH 49,310.00 64,589.00 63,704.00
APRIL 61,246.00 94,062.70 38,646.64
MAY 83,513.80 40,966.00 43,053.20
JUNE 88,661.00 45,683.00 149,850.20
JULY 57,899.00 41,983.00 73,992.60
AUGUST 43,733.76 42,646.00 107,698.91
SEPTEMBER 58,322.00 21,540.00 132,532.32
OCTOBER 61,198.05 18,531.02 125,950.00
NOVEMBER 26,458.00 17,309.41 119,250.00
DECEMBER 37,383.19 9,060.00 243,730.00
TOTAL 871,339.20 800,104.56 1,182,083.00


  2012 2013 2014
JANUARY 38,514.58 44,814.23 17,281.50
FEBRUARY 24,464.83 28,441.73 32,385.80
MARCH 39,283.08 30,499.73 74,182.25
APRIL 14,051.08 26,896.23 39,873.90
MAY 31,782.33 21,307.79 39,140.90
JUNE 22,391.08 15,646.79 150,955.48
JULY 22,492.08 14,722.50 56,222.90
AUGUST 25,442.33 4,150.00 53,160.90
SEPTEMBER 17,185.18 16,590.40 33,289.55
OCTOBER 29,019.93 24,571.40 26,978.50
NOVEMBER 21,788.73 33,852.90 47,235.90
DECEMBER 35,559.98 29,619.90 62,520.65
TOTAL 321,975.21 291,113.50 633,228.20


  2012 2013 2014
JANUARY 1,027,686.14 1,201,753.24 154,320.60
FEBRUARY 535,639.39 485,153.91 127,129.98
MARCH 856,141.83 991,314.59 216,467.97
APRIL 261,087.05 342,915.39 107,886.24
MAY 296,376.71 173,107.99 161,849.23
JUNE 239,425.51 268,218.47 554,267.13
JULY 592,326.78 155,075.36 184,598.92
AUGUST 159,380.77 80,401.14 316,819.01
SEPTEMBER 198,986.18 148,694.84 300,246.08
OCTOBER 223,441.41 91,152.23 889,359.35
NOVEMBER 378,544.00 77,731.23 582,595.43
DECEMBER 258,497.31 119,263.19 1,210,508.90
TOTAL 5,027,533.08 4,135,915.56 4,806,048.79

Accomplishment Report

LGU Support to Senate Bill on Graphic Health Warning

Recent Comments

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    VILLAVERDE – Best Performing LGU of Nueva Vizcaya’s Ammungan Festival 2015

    Once again, Villaverde has proven itself to all Novo Vizcayanos that despite of being a 5th class municipality as well as the smallest town of Nueva Vizcaya, it can be a GIGANTIC in terms of talent and ingenuity. The town was adjudged as the Best Performing Local Government Unit during the recently concluded Nueva Vizcaya’s Ammungan Festival 2015 last  May 21-24, 2015. Because of the common goal of the Villaverdians to realize success, it achieved the awards of 1st place for Lola Ganda 2015, 2nd Runner-up on Street Dancing (“Paddek ken Saniweng”), 3rd place on the Float Competition (Kuligligan), 3rd place on the Search for Best Booth (Balay ti Away), 3rd Runner-up on the Search for Saniata ti Nueva Vizcaya 2015 and Mr. Talent for Lolo Pogi 2015.

     All the sweat, preparation, hardwork, overtime and collaboration of the involved individuals in each contested category through the leadership of the very able Municipal Mayor Atty Ronelie dP. Ubando-Valtoribio were compensated by of the honor that they had been awarded to the municipality. Indeed, there is truth in the adage of Publilius Syrus that WHERE THERE IS UNITY, THERE IS ALWAYS VICTORY! 


    The MUNICIPALITY OF VILLAVERDE has been declared again by the National Corn Technical Search Committee and the National Steering Committee as winner of the 2014 National Quality Corn Achievers Award.  The prize is 1 Million for Corn related projects.  Likewise, awardee for the Municipal Corn Coordinator Category is MS. CONCEPCION C. VIERNES and for the Agricultural Extension Category is MS. JOHNA VIOA P. DACANAY.

    The 2nd National quality Corn Achievers Awarding Ceremony will be on November 20, 2014 during the 10th Philippine National Corn Congress on November 18-21, 2014 at Limketkai Center, Cagayan de Oro City.

    The municipality was already an awardee for the 2013 1st National Quality Corn Achievers Award, also with the Municipal Corn coordinator and Agricultural Extension Categories.  From the 0.5 Million prize, a service vehicle, 2 units hand tractor driven corn planter and 50 pieces jabber planter were purchased.

    The Research Project entitled “Enhancing Productivity and Profitability of Rainfed Rice-Based Farming through Participatory Action Research in Villaverde, Nueva Vizcaya” garnered the 1st Place in Development Category (LGU-Managed) during the CY 2014 R & D Inhouse Review and Planning Workshop which was held at DA-CVRC, San Felipe, Ilagan City, Isablea on September 24-25, 2014.  The same paper was adjudged 1st Place during the CY 2013 R & D Inhouse Review Palnning Workshop.  This research study is a collaborative project of PLGU Nueva Vizcaya and MLGU Villaverde funded by the Department of Agriculture – Bureau of Agriculture Research (DA-BAR).  The researchers are J.V.P. Dacanay, B.M. Lopez, A.B. Domingo, O.J. Lorenzana, R.B. Olinares, L.A. Gaspar, C.A. Pascua, R.M. Labucay.  The prize is 0.30 Million worth of research project.


    The Municipality of Villaverde celebrated its 57th Founding Anniversary on August 30, 31 and September 1, 2014. During the pre-founding anniversary on August 29, 2014, the activities were medical and dental mission of the Municipal Health Office in coordination with the Provincial Health Office and Philippine Dental Association (Nueva Vizcaya-Ifugao Chapter), Diabetic Screening of the Order of the Amaranth, Comelec Mobile Registration, Eye Check-up by Dr. Clarinda Mae Laciste and Jobs Fair of the Public Employment Services Office (PESO). Distribution of vegetable and fruit bearing seedlings and anti-rabies vaccination of the Municipal Agriculture Office were also conducted.

    fiesta 8-30-14 final 335On the first day of the Fiesta, August 30, 2014, it was started with Diana Around the Town at 4:00 in the morning followed by the Panagsakbay Fun Run which was participated by the LGU employees, teachers of the Elementary and Secondary schools of Villaverde and  PNP marshals. The Opening Program was done at around 8 AM followed by the extra challenge and parlor games that was participated by the LGU employees, barangay officials and employees and the PNP. In the afternoon, there was a friendship game (basketball) between Our Lady of Fatima School of Villaverde and Bintawan National High School and the LGU-employees and PNP marshals.

    There were booths in the Agro-Trade Fair beside the LGU gym which were displayed by 3 barangays (Bintawan Sur, Bintawan Norte and Ibung). They featured their agricultural and processed products available in their place.

    DSC_0971The “Dayag ti Villaverde” was featured on the first night of the FIESTA. A huge crowd of spectators came to watch the beauties from the different barangays of Villaverde. The dayag of Barangay Pieza, Ms. Romellean Joy D. Pontino, won the title.

    On the second day, August 31, 2014, the WAT WAT FESTIVAL was the highlighted activity. In the afternoon, there were 15 couples in the municipality who joined the MASS WEDDING activity which was officiated by the very supportive Municipal Mayor, Atty. Ronelie dP. Ubando-Valtoribio.  Dinner was served to the couples and to their relatives as a gift of the LGU on their wedding. The Municipal Civil Registry Office spearheaded the activity.

    DSC_0913 (642)The Grand Finale of the Search for Little Ambassador of Goodwill was held on the second night. Ten public elementary schools and one private school joined the said event to search for the best kids that will become local models in their respective barangays. According to Mr. Jonathan Valdez, Organizing Committee Member, the search aims to develop the children’s personality, boost their self-confidence and develop their talents. The children’s representative of Turod Elementary School, Sean Hendrix R. Evangelista and Christine Mae M. Hernandez, garnered the title for Mr. and Ms. Little Ambassador of Goodwill. Moreover, the two children also bagged the award of Mr. and Ms. Wit. The second part of the program is the People’s Night and Raffle Draw. Barangay Poblacion garnered the awards for Villaverde’s Best for the Best Barangay, Best Punong Barangay, Best Treasurer, Best Secretary and Best Barangay council. Different organizations in Villaverde and some barangays presented dance numbers which entertained the audience.

    During the closing program on the last day,September 1, 2014, it started with a thanksgiving mass which was followed by a parade with the different local and national agencies of Villaverde participating. The Bintawan National High School presented a great street dancing demonstration. Moreover, the lively performance of the drum and lyre of the Our Lady of Fatima School of Villaverde and the Bintawan North Elementary School were being applauded by the spectators.

    In general, the 57th Founding Anniversary of the Municipality was a splendid success. A great thanks to the Director General, Hon. Alexander S. Urban and to all who contributed to the success of the event.


    Villaverde Diamond Ecopark.  The DENR-PENRO and the Municipal LGU of Villaverde jointly celebrated the Ocean Month and International Day for Biological Diversity through a “Mass Tree Planting” last May 23, 2014 (Friday) held at the National Greening Program (NGP) Site 2012 at Balaquit SWIP or the Villaverde Diamond Ecopark, Bintawan Norte, Villaverde, Nueva Vizcaya.

    The tree planting activity was attended by almost 300 participants composed of the Municipal officials and employees, DENR-PENRO and CENRO personnel, DepEd Villaverde District, PNP, BFP, barangay officials of the 9 barangays, MAFC, Court # 47-Order of the Amaranth, and Sang-at Salug members.

    The seedlings planted were provided by the DENR-PENRO personnel headed by Forester Marlon C. Agnar, the PENR Officer of Nueva Vizcaya. There are about 1500 forest tree seedlings and cuttings planted consist of 500-Narra, 500-Bugnay, 200-Molave, 150-Jathropa/Tagumbao, and 150-Madre Cacao/Kakawate. The participants also brought empty plastic bottles with at least 1.0 to 1.5 liter capacity which was installed in the planted seedlings as an improvised water system thru drip method. The installation of plastic bottles filled with water will increase the survival rate of planted seedlings in the NGP site. ###fsagraan2014


    mass1 massAs a sign of reverence and thanksgiving to the Almighty God for His countless blessings to all Villaverdians, the Local Government Unit sponsored the first Holy Mass for 2014 last January 6 at 8 in the morning infront of the Municipal hall. The Lord showered the municipality with countless achievements for the past year of 2013 and He had kept the place safe and protected against disasters. To glorify His mighty Name, the activity was held.

         The Municipal Mayor, Atty. Ronelie dP. Ubando-Valtoribio spearheaded the event with other municipal officials, barangay officials, municipal employees and non-government organizations such as MAFC, RIC, Green Ladies and Senior Citizens of Villaverde. Father Quezon Juan, the parish priest of Our Lady of Fatima officiated the mass with his company.


    xmastree 2Villaverde, Nueva Vizcaya. For the first time and not the usual way, the Local Government Unit of Villaverde celebrated the Advent Season through a “Christmas Tree Planting” last December 23, 2013 (Monday) held at Balaquit SWIP or the Villaverde Diamond Ecopark at Bintawan Norte, Villaverde, Nueva Vizcaya. The activity was conceptualized in order to give back to nature and to show sympathy to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda, Bohol Earthquake, and Zamboanga siege.

     The celebration started with the registration of 220 participants from the Municipal officials and employees, PNP, MLGOO, barangay officials, senior citizens, LBL, Amaranth, and guests from partner agencies such as DENR-CENRO Bayombong and PLGU-ENRO. It was followed by the tree planting of 100 coconut, 150 mahogany, 100 coffee, and 100 guayabano seedlings. Each participant brought their own tree guards for the two seedlings planted by them.

     xmastree1After the tree planting, the program proper was held. The welcome remarks was delivered by Hon. Alexander Urban, SB Member and Committee Chairman on Environment and Natural Resources. He welcomed the participants and presented the ordinances and resolutions made by the Sangguniang Bayan relative to environment especially the legitimization of the Forest Land-Use Plan (FLUP) of the municipality. Hon. Atty. Ronelie U. Valtoribio, the Municipal Mayor and prime advocate of the Re-Greening Villaverde Project (RVP) provided the opening remarks by thanking the participants in joining the activity. The year-end report of the MENRO Section and the MDRRMC were delivered by Mr. Fernando S. Agraan, MENRO Designate and Mr. Cecilio S. Navalta Jr., MDRRMO Designate, respectively.

     For.Victoriano Obeña, Forestry Specialist of DENR-CENRO Bayombong and For. Romulo Camat, Division Chief for Watershed Development of PLGU-ENRO gave their inspirational messages to the participants. They extended the support and commitments for the implementation of the newly approved Forest Land-Use Plan (FLUP) of the municipality. The program ended through a closing message given by Hon. Kruwel JD. Dacumos, Vice-Mayor.

     After the program, a sacrificial lunch was held and the Christmas gift giving to the participants by Mayor Valtoribio.


    child friendlyA child’s beaming smile is an indication that his rights, total development, survival and protection are upheld by the people who aretaking care of him. That smile will surely be imparted to everyone who is dealing with the child. In Villaverde, all sectors of the community were encouraged by the Municipal Mayor Atty. Ronelie dP. Ubando-Valtoribio to continue working for the achievement of the four core needs of a child to achieve and ensure their bright future for she believes that the children are the future stewards of our country.

     The Green and Smoke Free World of Villaverde, Eden of a Brighter Future for our Children is the banner vision of Villaverde wherein it aims to address the core needs and the fulfillment of rights of every child in the town.

     For the second time, Villaverde achieved the award of “Philippines’ Most Child Friendly Municipality”- 4th to 6th Class Municipality Category on 17th of April 2013 at Bahay ng Alumni, UP Diliman, Quezon City. All the concerted efforts of every Villaverdians were not put into the waste bin for the government have recognized once again the smallest town of Nueva Vizcaya for its determination to maintain a child-friendly environment.

     A big toss to the Municipal Government, Barangay Council of the 9 Barangays, schools both elementary and secondary, people’s organizations and to all Villaverdians for the honor that the municipality has accomplished!


    red“No smoking, Smoking Kills”; “Wag mag Yosi, Wag Kadiri”; “Healthier, Happier, Cleaner, Fresher Villaverde – Tobacco Free Municipality” are some of the slogans posted on the different IEC materials and campaign paraphernalia that were used in the crusade of eradicating cigarette smoking in the municipality. Moreover, burden of smoking were conveyed to the constituents of Villaverde such as: 1)There are 7000 chemical compounds such as nicotine, tar, lead, ammonia, etc. in a stick of cigarette; 69 of which are cancer causing agents and more than 200 are toxic. 2) 5 out of 10 leading causes of mortality in Nueva Vizcaya are tobacco related diseases 3) 8-10 Filipinos die every hour because of tobacco related diseases.

    Ordinances and resolutions from the national and provincial level prohibiting smoking in certain public places have been long established in Nueva Vizcaya but only now with the administration of Mayor Ronelie dP. Ubando-Valtoribio that this crusade was established and executed in Villaverde.Surely a 100% success of the crusade will be realized with the Municipal Task Force, led by Municipal Health Officer Dr. Telesforo A. Ragpa, implementing, monitoring and enforcing the Smoke Free Ordinance which helps Villaverdians be aware of smoking, second hand smoke and the benefits of a smoke free environment.

    With the campaign materials, people who are monitoring the crusade on Smoke Free Environment as well as the penalties imposed to the violators, it is just but fulfilling to know that for the 2nd time around, Villaverde garnered again the Red Orchid Award – 100% Tobacco Free Municipality. On the 4th day of June 2013 at Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila, Ortigas Avenue, Quezon City, the Municipal Mayor Ronelie dP.Ubando-Valtoribio and company received the award.


    feedingA total of five hundred sixty eight (568) day care children of the 11 day care centers in the 9 barangays of the Municipality of Villaverde joined the Supplemental Feeding Program of the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWDO). Hot meals were served such as rice with vegetables, arrozcaldo, sopas and milo or milk as drinks. The 120 days feeding which runs on the week days from September 2012 to June 2013 aims to alleviate children from malnutrition.

     There is an allotted supplemental fund of eight hundred fifty five thousand nine hundred fifty pesos (P855, 950.00) from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) on the conduct and implementation of the said project.

    ARBOR DAY 2013 – Plant a Tree to Save our Community!

    tree plantingThe MENRO Section of the Municipal Agriculture Office led the Arbor Day Celebration on June 25, 2013 at 3 PM. The Mass tree planting activity was participated by all Municipal Officials and Employees, Barangay Councils, schools and residents of the municipality. Moreover, OIC,CENRO of Bayombong Dr. Constante L. Espiritu, his staff and some of the PENRO staff also participated on the said movement of Urban Greening.  The said movement is a part of the National Greening Program (NGP) and Re-greening Villaverde Project (RVP) that includes road sides’ tree planting, barangay tree plantation, and planting of trees within the school premises.

     Eight hectares (8 ha) of land in the Municipality of Villaverde were planted with 3000 pcs of flowering trees such as fire tree, golden shower and banaba. The trees planted are intended to conserve and to develop the biodiversity of our ecosystem and enhance climate change and global warming prevention and mitigation.