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VFBERT, Still the Reigning Regional Overall Champion, for four (4) Consecutive Years

The Villaverde Fire Brigade Emergency Response Team (VFBERT) that represented the province of Nueva Vizcaya for the fourth time successfully defended its title/standing as the Regional Overall Champion (Volunteer Fire Brigade Category) for four (4) consecutive years from 2008 to 2011. Once again, the VFBERT contingents proved their supremacy during the 8th Regional Firefighting Olympics held at Quirino Sports Complex, Capiltol Hills, Cabarroguis, Quirino on March 30, 2011. The occasion was the highlight of the celebration of the Fire Prevention Month with the theme; “KAHANDAAN SA SUNOG. . . TUNGO SA KAUNLARAN.” The team was lead by the Fire Prevention Officers of Villaverde, Nueva Vizcaya and Brgy. Captain of Poblacion of said municipality, SFO2 Leodevico V Mina, SFO1 Lope C Dipanio Jr. and Brgy. Captain Braulio R. Ocumen respectively.

The Team standing in the recent 2011 Fire Fighting Olympics is as follows:
First – Villaverde Fire Brigade Emergency Response Team (Nueva Vizcaya)
Second – Cagayan Fire Brigade (Cagayan)
Third – Quirino Fire Brigade (Quirino)
Fourth – Coca Cola Bottlers Philippines Inc. (Isabela)

Firefighting Olympics is a competition in the field of fire fighting and emergency rescue and transfer such as Engine Relay, Hose Connection with target, Hose Relay, Turret Target, Hose Throwing, Bucket Relay, Tug of War, Firema’s Carry, Track & Field, Ball Games and others. In Region 02, this is being conducted yearly in different provinces with the aim to strengthen sportsmanship and camaraderie, as well as giving opportunity to every BFP personnel and Volunteer Fire Brigade in every province of region 02 to display their skills in firefighting and emergency rescue operation.

During the closing program of said event, Regional Director of the Bureau of Fire Protection expressed his great appreciation for the cooperation and skills shown by the Fire Volunteers of region 2, especially to the VFBERT contingents for being on the top for 4 consecutive years.

VFBERT contingents and BFP personnel of Villaverde believed that without the support and inspiration from the promising Local Chief Executive of Villaverde, Nueva Vizcaya, ATTY. RONELIE U. VALTORIBIO, these accomplishments and added record of Nueva Vizcaya in this particular endeavor was not successfully achieved. The VFBERT is also thankful to the Mun. Vice Mayor, Hon. Norbert C. Alvendia and other SB members and those who extended their assistance to the group.
VFBERT is a Volunteer Fire Brigade of Villaverde, Nueva Vizcaya with 36 active members. It was organized on 16 November 2007 and have underwent several trainings on fire fighting and emergency rescue & transfer through the effort of the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) personnel, CINSP ALLAN M EBALLAR, Provincial Fire Marshal, SFO2 Leodevico V Mina, Municipal Fire Prevention Officer with the assistance of SFO1 Lope C Dipanio Jr. The group is also active in community services especially in times of disasters. #SFO1 Lope C. Dipanio Jr., BFP ,#SFO2 Leodevico V Mina BFP,Municipal Fire prevention Officer

DAILY ITINERARY FOR MEASLES –RUBELLA(German Measles) Supplemental Immunization Activity (MR-SIA)

DAILY ITINERARY FOR MEASLES –RUBELLA(German Measles) Supplemental Immunization Activity (MR-SIA)
April 4-30 to May 2-7, 2011

APRIL 4 Monday Brgy. Poblacion
5 Tuesday Brgy. Cabuluan
6 Wednesday Brgy. Cabuluan
7 Thursday Brgy. Cabuluan
8 Friday Brgy. Bintawan Norte
9 Satuday Brgy. Bintawan Norte
10 Sunday –
11 Monday Brgy. Pieza
12 Tuesday Brgy. Pieza
13 Wednesday Brgy. Nagbitin
14 Thursday Brgy. Nagbitin
15 Friday Brgy. Nagbitin
16 Satuday –
17 Sunday –
18 Monday Brgy. Sawmill
19 Tuesday Brgy. Sawmill
20 Wednesday Staff Meeting
21 Thursday Holiday (Moundy Thursday
22 Friday Holiday (Good Friday
23 Satuday –
24 Sunday Easter Sunday
25 Monday Brgy. Ocapon
26 Tuesday Brgy. Ocapon
27 Wednesday Brgy. Ocapon (Malaria World Day)
28 Thursday Preparation for the CIVAC – (KKP)
29 Friday CIVAC – (KKP) Brgy. Poblacion
30 Satuday –
MAY 2 Monday Brgy. Ibung
3 Tuesday Brgy. Ibung
4 Wednesday Brgy. Ibung
5 Thursday Brgy. Ibung
6 Friday Brgy. Bintawan Sur
7 Satuday Brgy. Bintawan Sur

Prepared by:

Public Health Nurse

Approved by:

Municipal Health Officer


Municipal Mayor


BARANGAYS /ELIGIBLE POPULATION/No. of HH/No. Given Measles-Rubella Vaccine
Visited 9-11 mos. 12-23 mos. 24-95 mos. TOTAL %
POBLACION 158-192-6-15-128-149-94.3
CABULUAN 317-336-17 47-245-309-97.5
BINTAWAN NORTE 482-576-12-61-341-414-85.9
PIEZA 257-330-9 33-179-221-86.0
NAGBITIN 416-526-12-64-328-404-97.1

MUNICIPAL 1915-2296-58-262-1424-1744-91.1

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