Profile & History

Historical Background:

On June 12, 1957, Republic Act No. 1972 was passed into law creating the town of IBUNG.

The front view of the municipal town hall

Two years later, on June 21, 1959, Republic Act No. 2515 was enacted, changing the name of the town from IBUNG to VILLAVERDE in honor of Father JUAN VILLAVERDE who, in 1872, was instrumental in the creation of the town of Ibung.

Villaverde started transacting business as a town on September 1, 1957.  Hence, the municipality celebrates its founding anniversary every first day of September.


Atty. Ronelie DP. Ubando-Valtoribio 2010-Present Elected
Engr. Esmenio S. Bajo 2007-2010 Re-elected
2004-2007 Re-elected
2001-2004 Elected
Rodrigo S. Tabita, Sr. 1998-2001 Elected
Jose A. Legaspi, Jr., CPA 1995-1998 Re-elected
1992-1995 Elected
Engr. Esmenio S. Bajo 1988-1992 Elected
Evangeline G. Tiongson December  1987-February 1988 Appointed
Engr. Esmenio S. Bajo April 1986-November 1987 Appointed
Tomas de Guzman January  1986-April 1986 Succession
Romualdo A.Bediones, Sr. 1971-1986 Elected
Antonio B. Aquino 1967-1971 Re-elected
1963-1967 Elected
Romualdo D. Ubando 1959-1963 Elected
Antonio B. Aquino 1957-1959 Appointed


Location About 280 kilometers from Manila and 14 kilometers from the capital town of Bayombong; lies on the northern district of the province and is bounded by Lamut, Ifugao on the   North; Solano on the South; Bagabag on the East, and Ambaguio on the West

  • Land Area 8,150 hectares (per DBM)
  • Income Classification = 5th Class Municipality
  • Population 18,235 (2010 projected population) with 4,130 households. Its population is composed of Ilocanos, Ifugaos, Tagalogs and migrants from other parts of the country.
  • Religion Roman Catholic (dominant), Iglesia Ni Cristo, United Methodist Church, UCCP, Evangelical and Other Denominations
  • Population Density 2.24 persons per hectare
  • Political Subdivision = 9 Barangays with 5 Lowland and 4 upland
  • Land Use Agricultural – 59.99%; Forest – 38.04%; Residential – 1.46%; Commercial – 0.04%; Industrial – 0.10 % and Others – 0.37%
  • Educational Institutions 11 Day Care Centers (Public); 12 Pre-Schools (9 Public, 3 Private); 12 Elementary Schools (11 Public, 1 Private);   2 High Schools (1 Public, 1 Private)
  • Health Facilities 1 Main Health Center with 9 Barangay Health Stations
  • Transportation Jeep and Tricycle
  • Communication = Suncell, Globe, and Smart Cellular Satellites
  • BARANGAYS (Bintawan Sur, Bintawan Norte, Poblacion, Ibung, Nagbitin, Sawmill, Cabuluan, Ocapon and Pieza)
Hotline Numbers
Mayor's Office Hotline:
Ambulance Hotline:
PNP Hotlines:
0906-268-3761 (Station)
0927-557-1646 (Patrol Car)
MDRRMO Hotline:
BFP-Villaverde Hotline:
BFP-Bagabag Hotline:
BFP-Solano Hotline:

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