Mission, Vision and Goals


Villaverde as a satellite agro-industrial hub of Nueva Vizcaya with God-centered, civic minded and empowered citizenry living in a safe and balanced ecology under a pro-active and morally upright leadership.


To attain socio-economic development through a sustained agro-industrial economy yet maintaining ecological balance and respecting cultural diversity in an environment of honest, participatory, transparent and accountable governance.


  1. Institutionalized administrative support and adequate infrastructure for investments and other  related  activities  aimed at upgrading the economic    status of the constituents ;
  2. Improved health and nutrition of the populace in a  well-maintained environment;
  3. Efficient and effective delivery of quality government service for social development; and,
  4. Increased people’s awareness on their active role in governance to ensure transparency, honesty and accountability in a culturally – diverse community.

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