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Development Strategy


The Local Government Unit of Villaverde adopts the following appropriate strategies to pursue its vision, mission and goals:

  1. Encourage the private sector to invest in  agri – based industries by offering them legislated incentives,  infrastructure support  and providing an atmosphere of peace and security through the adoption and implementation of a balanced and well-developed  plan  sensitive to the needs of all sectors of the society;
  2. Upgrade the level of health and nutrition status of  the people by providing a sustained, accessible, efficient and effective nutritional and  medical services to those who are in need, continuous / intensified educational campaign/information dissemination  and establishing  linkages with other government agencies, non-government organizations , people’s organizations and civic society groups for augmentation whenever possible;
  3. Strengthen social welfare services by giving  equal attention to the  disadvantaged sector of the community and providing  assistance for their uplift, coordinating with other government offices, agencies, people’s organization, non-government organizations and civic society groups to provide much help or aid whenever needed; and,
  4. Motivate the public to get involved in all activities, projects, programs and plan formulation that the government may undertake making them partners in the development of the community giving recognition to their indispensable contribution to the society.

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